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Pets Get Stressed During the Holidays, Too!

Strangers in the house! Sometimes even other animals! Car trips! Or even airplane flights! Weird sparkly stuff added to the décor! And you can’t play with it! Really good food smells! Owners coming home tipsy and silly! Sleep disruptions! All kinds of things can add to your pets’ stress level during the holiday season.

Fortunately, there’s easy help available to keep your pet calm and relaxed through it all.

YellowLabradorLookingIf you are not familiar with Bach Flower Remedies, you have been missing out on some of the most valuable “home remedies” in existence. These 38 homeopathic remedies were formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s and are specifically designed to restore positive, healthy states of mind.

The fact that they work so well on animals is, to me, a testament to their efficacy on humans. Not a “placebo effect,” but actual emotional healing. I have been using these remedies myself for many years, and have recently had excellent success using them for my cats in times of need.

The Flower Remedies may be administered by adding a few drops to your pet’s water or by spritzing in the mouth from a spray bottle with about 4 drops added to 2 ounces of distilled or spring water, or even applied topically in some cases (especially good for birds). Here are some of the holiday problems you might encounter, and how Bach Flower Remedies can help.

Your pet becomes bad-tempered

Dogs growling and raising their hackles, barking, biting. Cats hissing, swiping, clawing. Animals oversensitive to sensory stimulation… upset by too much going on… loud parties, bright lights. The remedy to try is Beech, which restores tolerance and flexibility. Beech is often combined with Holly, Vine, and Willow if there is maliciousness or territoriality involved.

Your pet is homesick

Your pet is staying with friends, at a boarding kennel or with you while you’re away from home, and having trouble adjusting to the new environment. This can cause pets to stop eating, stop eliminating properly, slow down activity, and sit in waiting mode seemingly unaware of surroundings. To restore the ability to adjust to the new circumstances, Honeysuckle is the answer.

Your pet’s irritability leads to gastrointestinal problems

Your pet wants to go out, wants to come in, wants to go out, pulls at the lead, and can’t wait to eat. Your pet is so restless and uptight that it has a bout of irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal problems.  Skin conditions and itching may also manifest. It’s time to break out the Impatiens to help your pet restore calm and cooperation.

Your pet is afraid

Pets may be afraid of many things: vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, fireworks, strangers, other animals, airplanes, and you may not know this will happen until it does. Your pet starts shivering, pacing, puffing, panting, or whining with those big eyes they get. It would be good to have a bottle of Mimulus on hand to restore your pet’s courage in the face of all the unusual holiday stimulations.

Your pet is heavily traumatized

If the worst should happen, an accident, a fire, or some other horrific event, your pet may experience extreme fear and panic. Rock Rose is the remedy to restore your terrorized animal to courage, bravery, and calmness. Rock Rose is one ingredient in the amazing Bach Rescue Remedy, which, in my opinion, needs to be in everyone’s home health care arsenal. It keeps people from becoming hysterical in a crisis.

Your pet can’t adapt to change

Use Walnut as the remedy when your pet can’t seem to handle environmental changes. Animals are very sensitive to moving to new homes, or even redecorating the present home. They react to changes in the emotional environment, as well. So, if your holidays are not complete without an episode of the family feud, make sure your pets don’t suffer from it, too.

Keeping some Bach Flower Remedies on hand is a great way to provide your pets with the emotional health they need to make it through the holidays with aplomb. The remedies may be used singly or in combination, though using more than 5 at a time is not recommended. The happier your pets are this holiday season, the happier you can be!

Bach Flower Remedies; are available at your local natural health store. I tell you that they work, and they work very well, if you remember to use them. If you are struggling with emotional issues during the holidays or any time of the year, please make them your first choice before you feel the need to poison yourself with prescription medications that are supposed to help your emotional well-being. If you need help in selecting the remedy or remedies you need, call your naturopath for a consultation.

Until next month.



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Filed Under: Caregiving | Mary Pfeffer @ December 14, 2014