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Mary Pfeffer

Name: Mary Pfeffer
Born & Resides in: St. Thomas, Ontario Canada
Age: Old enough to know better…and never too old to learn.
Married:  Yes, to farmer John for more than 3 decades.
Children: 3 – John Mathew (& Courtney), Adam (& Beth) Jennifer
Dream: To someday hold a grandchild in my arms.
Afraid of: Roller coasters
Favourite Travel Destination: Haven’t been there yet (Alaska is on my bucket list).
Drinks: White wine – a great Vidal from Quai du Vin Estate Winery.
Saying: How can it possibly get any better than this?

The Full Story…

Hi, I’m Mary Pfeffer, and I’m a “Recovered Doormat.” I’m an in-demand energy and empowerment coach to women who are tired of feeling the same.  I have the intuitive ability to dig deeper and read between the lines and “see” things that my clients may have missed.

I was born the youngest of five daughters, so being a people pleaser was my go to form of protection, and I carried this behaviour into my adult life. I grew up in the era when spanking as a discipline was considered necessary, not barbaric, so when I married I thought it was “okay” and “normal” to be emotionally battered as long as there was no physical abuse. I accepted that without question and for the most part quietly kept my feelings underground. On more than one occasion my rebellious side would take over and I’d give as well as I got. But for the most part I “rewarded” other’s behaviour by doing more and more, trying to buy respect with pleasing and placating everyone.

It’s no surprise that I can relate to my clients since I’ve been there and done that (and I have no intention of going back). After all, I fully understand what it’s like since I spent most of my life doing it all for everyone else and getting little to nothing in return.

I can totally relate with the feelings of powerlessness – no control, not being appreciated, and feeling exhausted most of the time. And it’s no wonder, at one time I held down three part-time jobs on top of helping to run two farming operations and an on-farm retail store.

For the longest time I suffered from physical ailments due to the stresses and emotions. I somehow sensed the next stop on my journey would be a heart attack or stroke…but then my mind finally grasped what my body was screaming at me to do and with that one simple decision my life began to change.

I hired a coach. I knew, having taken my own coach training a few years earlier, that I needed help to change my life around…and in making this choice I believe I saved my own life.

I believe every woman has the right to be treated with respect, love, and dignity and feel the woman herself often times has to be the one to start the movement. There are still far too many women in this world who are not living the life they deserve.  For whatever reason they’ve chosen to stay and play small and to be used by others. They either don’t have the strength, the knowledge, or the stamina in them to step into their power.

The one thing I have learned over the years is that true change begins inside; change is an internal process. It starts with a DECISION and you partner that with CONSISTENT ACTION that keeps you MOVING FORWARD.

Having spent most of my adult life as an entrepreneur and business owner/farmer, I decided it was time to combine my coach training and life experiences and help other women end the cycle of their own damaging repetitive behaviours. When something feels right to me, I jump in with both feet and in 2012 Moving Forward with Mary was created.

In addition to working with clients via phone or Skype, I also welcome clients into my home to add energy work, Access Consciousness, The Bars to their sessions.

Over the years, I have worked with various coaches and mentors to help keep me moving forward in my life and I’m passionate about brainstorming and sharing resources with my clients as they move forward in theirs.


Certification in Co Active CoachingUniversity of Western Ontario, London ON

Certification in the Health Coach Training Program and Selling by Attraction –  Hilton Johnson Productions Inc., Fl USA

Certification in Access Consciousness – London ON

Certification in Effective LeadershipUniversity of Western Ontario, London ON

Certification in Business WritingUniversity of Western Ontario, London ON

Numerous Business and Marketing CoursesFanshawe College, St. Thomas, ON

Volunteer work with, Scouts of Canada, EBWN, Elgin Business Women’s Network and a member of a number of networking groups.

Charities of Choice – Violence Against Women, Breast Cancer Awareness

Come talk to me about creating a life plan for you; one that you can step into with confidence and certainty. Click here

With love and hugs

Mary Pfeffer Mompreneur